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NEA | All in a Day’s Work

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writer / director Leroy Lim

Producer Francine Tan

Assistant Producer Joyce Hu

PostBen Hiew
Freeflow Post

clientNational Environment Agency (NEA)​

what we docreative concept
video production​

In this video, we take you through a day in the life of a National Environmental Agency (NEA) officer. But this is not your typical day-in-the-life video. It is uniquely narrated through a letter of public feedback and concerns while the visuals show different officers addressing these issues. The goal is to shift how people see NEA by letting them experience things from the officer’s perspective. To do so, we combined cinematic and creative POV shots to make the messaging dynamic and relatable. Voices of different demographics narrated the feedback, with their words popping up on screen for easy reading. Overall, the video is heartwarming and shows that NEA listens and actively addresses the public’s concerns.