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Moomoo | What If You Moo-ve Smart? Campaign

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Creative Elizabeth Choo

Director Euger Thum

Account Director Wendy Cheng

Producer Priscilla Lim
Francine Tan​

Assistant Producer Cherann Lim​

Post Gravitate Post​

clientMoomoo Singapore

what we docreative concept
video production

What if we moo-ve smart? We find ourselves crafting whimsical and enjoyable series for Moomoo. With just a few seconds to set up the stories, we had to think and moo-ve smart to create compact yet impactful narratives. Enter our protagonist – our series depicts a stark juxtaposition of him before and after investing with Moomoo. There truly lies a noticeable difference. As a creative agency, we spearheaded the creative vision for this campaign, extending it to multiple platforms including photography.

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