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Lien Foundation x TTSH | Air Master Video Campaign

writer / director Jenny Ng

producer Francine Tan

assistant producer Cherann Lim

Design Johnny Sun

post freeflow post
justin ho

client Lien Foundation x Tan Tock Seng Hospital

what we docreative concept
video production​

What makes you chuan (breathless)? For some, especially the elderly, it is a health condition. Hence, we did a film about being chuan, a breathlessness awareness campaign for the Air Master Service. Chuan is a relatable term that most doctors use to communicate with elderly patients for them to understand breathlessness. In the same fashion, we make this film relatable to the target audience who may not be able to understand breathlessness and show that there are steps to be taken to help them improve their condition. Additionally, to make the campaign more cohesive, we also produced an educational interview film on people who have a breathlessness condition.