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FairPrice Group | Meet the Fairmily

Creative Elizabeth Choo

Director Sabrina Poon

Account Director Wendy Cheng

Producer Priscilla Lim
Francine Tan​

Assistant Producer Cherann Lim​
Joyce Hu

graphic design Johnny Sun​

Post Freeflow Post​
Justin Ho

clientFairPrice Group

what we docreative concept
video production

Say hello to the FairPrice family. Whether it is behind-the-scenes or right-up-front, in this series, we bring their stories to life. From enduring sub-zero temperatures to navigating the treacherous waves or even the iconic FairPrice poster girl of the 90s, each episode is meticulously researched and written to bring forth their heartwarming stories and unique personalities. Enhanced with cute pop-up graphics and catchy soundbites from the profile themselves, these elements combine to render the FairPrice family both relatable and captivating.

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