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Income | Gro Retire Flex Pro – Retirement Dreams

director juffrie Friday​​​​ creative elizabeth choo agency producer priscilla Lim clientincome what we docreative concept video production​ Retiring early is a dream for most of us, but can we really do so? In a light hearted social experiment with 3 couples we find out about their retirement dreams and if they have the means to […]

Income | PA Assurance – Will. Power. Made Yours

director Ngo Bang Lin Creative Concept Elizabeth Choo​ Agency Producer Priscilla Lim​ clientIncome what we docreative concept video production Grit. Strength. Comeback. Following Singapore’s pride, Shanti Pereira, we see how our beloved Olympic track star rise from the lowest points in her life to turn her setbacks into comebacks. From the quick editing pacing to […]

Income | Star Secure Pro – Courage made yours

director Don Aravind​​​​ creative elizabeth choo agency producer priscilla Lim clientincome what we docreative concept video production​ When we lose someone we love, the overwhelming grief can take a toll on our mental health. “Courage made yours” is a moving film, capturing the abject pain of a father who is grieving over the loss of […]

One Holland Village Residences Inflight TVC

director Lily Tan​​​​ Design Johnny Sun producer Francine Tan clientFar East Organization what we dovideo production​ “One Holland Village Residences” a home right in the heart of the eclectic charm of Singapore. For an inflight TVC, this project focused on bringing awareness to the Holland neighbourhood and its chill vibe. It showcases the grandeur of […]

FairPrice | Smart Cooks Series

director lily tan producerpriscilla lim francine tan​ clientFairPrice what we doContent strategy video production Not just your run off the mill cooking videos, our FairPrice Smart Cooks series is brought to life with a creative direction to focus on personal stories. It is relatable, fun and most importantly, it teaches you how to COOK! The […]

Youthline | Launch Video – To Be Heard

Director Lily Tan​ Creative lead Elizabeth Choo Account Lin AnChi Producer Von Tan​ clientYouthline what we docreative concept video production We don’t speak about mental health enough. This project with Youthline gives us the opportunity to do so. It’s not easy balancing the sensitivities of mental health and yet address the core of the matter […]

Income AstraLink | Future made yours

director Leon Ting​​​​ Assistant Director Francine Tan​​​​ creative elizabeth choo Producer priscilla Lim clientincome what we docreative concept video production​ If you had $100 what would you buy? Our influencer host, Nicole Chang Min hits the streets to find out more about Singaporeans buying habits. We also put a special spin to the man-on-the-street interviews; […]

Bolloré Logistics | Safety Video – Welcome to Bolloré

Director Sherry Yap​ Producer Priscilla Lim clientBolloré Logistics what we docreative concept video production What do you get when you combine corporate with a good high? Welcome to Bolloré – where you get the experience of safety flights without having to fly. Our team gave a quirky twist to what would have been a conventional […]

Citi 120 Anniversary Video

director Lily Tan​​​​ producer priscilla Lim clientCitibank Singapore what we dovideo production​ Celebrating Citi’s 120th anniversary, we edited & animated materials of their journey from 1902 until now. More than just the colourful history, the video also captures the convenience of their contemporary banking services as well as soundbites from the various team leads and […]

Life and Money by Citi Launch Video

director Ben Ong Assistant Director Francine Tan Creative Elizabeth Choo​ Producer Priscilla Lim​ clientCitibank Singapore what we docreative concept video production Life and money by Citi is a content hub for people to discover personal finance tips for the things that matter. As it is people-centric, this launch video took a more conversational approach to […]